Despite Snapchat's massive growth there still isn't (as far as I know) an easy way signal one's username. Twitter has the '@' symbol. What does Snapchat have?#


Snapchat starter pack.#

How Can We Explain The Mystery Of Consciousness? - David Chalmers#

'There's such a poor community for new bands. It's a really bad thing for British music' - Royal Blood interview, Telegraph.#

YouTube for Kids - Launching on February 23.#


Don't just do something stand there - Euan Semple#


How people Photoshopped before Photoshop - Photoshop is 25 years old.#


When it comes to News I don't want stories. I want facts and context. Then a range of opinion. Narratives come later.#

There are few things more stomach-churning than when newspapers start lecturing us and taking the moral high ground.#

They love to portray themselves as objective defenders of free speech but never forget the fact they are corporate entities driven to turn a profit by selling their readers' eyeballs to the highest bidders. #

My Own Life - Oliver Sacks. Wonderful. Utterly wonderful.#

How the web went from idea to reality - Sir Tim Berners-Lee.#

Early recordings of Jimi Hendrix as session guitarist to be released next month.#


The Magic Whip - Blur announce new album, the first for 12 years, out on April 27th with video for single Go Out.#

Further to today's story regarding app automation service IF (ne IFTTT) what does it say about the productivity tools that I use that none of them can be automated :blush:#


IFTTT Launches DO x 3 Workflow automation service IFTTT has unbundled itelf into four Apps. IF, Do Note, Do Button and Do Camera in an attempt to differentiate itself from the more sophisticated and 'Pro' App Workflow. #

Google to launch YouTube subscription service without ads.#

The 'prettification' of lists undermines their fundamental strength.#

"Young people need three things from a news source: content must be mobile–friendly, social (ie sharable, peer–to–peer, user–generated), and presented in an engaging, accessible manner..." - Snapchat, a serious platform for news?#

Pinterest said to be pursuing new funding for $11B valuation - CNET.#

Alien 5 - Neill Blomkamp sequel officially greenlit.#

The Right Kind of Friction - I think the fundamentals underlying this is why I use Fargo, because it's a pain in the arse to use!#

Snapchat gets more musical with update adding audio to people's snaps.#

Samsung Wants To Build LoopPay Into Devices, And To Build A Holistic Mobile Wallet - Good luck with that.#

How Apple Reinvented Premium - The watch will dominate so many narratives across many sectors this year.#

Defining necessity is harder than it sounds.#

There Is No App - An old piece but a prescient one. I believe Apps will morph and and change possibly even disappear over time.#

Backed By A16Z, London-Based Money Transfer Startup TransferWise Finally Launches In The U.S TransferWise has served me well and saved me a lot of money over the years.#

Using Fargo and Snapchat in equal measure. The odd couple.#

Modest Mouse Channel Talking Heads for New Track Talking Heads, one of the great, great bands.#

Apple orders 5-6 million Watches for first run Doesn't sound like very many does it?#

Power and corruption, the game - Boing Boing.#

ISIL releases audio of negotiations over pilot's fate - Open Source terrorism anyone?#

Apple's coming music offering will be the least interesting thing they do this year.#

Why Samsung Design Stinks - Self explanatory.#

Microsoft Office for iOS now supports iCloud storage - The times they are a changin'. Fast. This would have been inconceivable a year ago.#

Bertrand Russell on Immortality, Why Religion Exists, and What “The Good Life” Really Means.#

Are we ready for companies that run themselves? - David Morris, Aeon.#

Belonging -

St Pancras Station#

Mars One mission: 5 Britons shortlisted for one-way trip to Red Planet - Telegraph. Wow. Incredible to see people offering themselves up.#

Mysterious Martian haze baffles planetary scientists - LA Times.#

Writing lists to make sense of the world. The Lisicle taps into this fundamental system for organising the world. In some sense the list is a more simplified and elemental version of story or narrative. Broadly speaking story is something we read, listen or have presented to us. Lists are structure we create for ourselves.#

Woz says the Apple Watch is art and millions will buy it - CNET.#

Noise pollution is making us oblivious to the sound of nature - The Guardian.#

With Apple dominant for the forseeable future, it's interesting to consider who will disrupt them and how. Probably themselves.#

Watching Goodfellas - A timeless classic.#

Exponent Episode 035 – Fascinating. Apple's new market - the rest of your life.#

Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple - The New Yorker.#

Mars One mission: 100 hopefuls shortlisted for chance to leave Earth forever - Telegraph.#

I find the observations I am making on how my son uses the internet more intersting and relevant than so-called Silicon Valley visionaries.#

Dave's MyWord! Phil Windley loves it. But how many people can actually use it? There's a significant barrier to entry to much of what Dave Winer is building and that's a shame because it's the inherent user-hostility of some his products that will surely limit the growth they so deserve.#

“So much of our manufactured environment testifies to carelessness” Jony Ive#

The Walkie-Talkie, Fenchurch Street, London.#

Web and email aren't going anywhere, they're failsafes, fall-backs for when proprietary platforms go awry. #

Michael Mann: the crime drama kingpin on murder and malware - I'll always watch a Michael Mann film. Looking forward to Blackhat although reviews have been poor.#

Benedict's Evans' Newsletter: No. 100 - required reading.#

There's talk of Apple working on a car. Inevitable I suppose as they shift from creating comupters that we insert into our lives to consumer products that happen to have computers inside then. These days that is effectievly all products. Perhaps why Mark Newsom has been recruited to take the pressure off Jony Ive in inventing how the future will look and work. Or, as is usual for Apple rumours, not.#

A wonderful lack of normality -

Scientists have found a way to see through opaque material using light - The Verge#

Possible Ann Boleyn portrait found using facial recognition software - The Guardian.#

Influential DJ Zane Lowe Leaving BBC Radio 1 - Good riddance.#

Soap operas, the original sponsored content.#

Can Snapchat Bend Content To Its Will? - MG Seigler#

After the Higgs, there's more? #

Bradford City 2-0 Sunderland - BBC Sport. The Cup run is over.#

It's incredible how much TV is basically the Victorian freak show#

Snapchat Discover, a good example of tailoring form of content to the platform. Flipboard on the web, a good example of trying to squeeze one platform's style into another. And failing. Snapchat Discover content feels right. Flipboard on the web feels wrong.#

It's time to finish Twitter Dave Winer#

Meet the Lutz pod The UK's first driverless 'car'.#

SpaceX photos#

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe Required viewing.# Another Dave Winer product.#

There's an ongoing tension between large, commercial, closed systems which are easy to use and have millions of users and the small, independent, open systems which are hard to use and consequently cannot generate a critical mass of users.#

The Masterful Lighting of Architect David Adjaye #

When was the last time anybody had nothing to do?#

I see Sky News and Sport are on Snapchat now.#

The thought of AC/DC still touring is depressing. They must still enjoy it. Or need the money.#

The Most Wasteful Economic System Ever Invented? - Forbes.#

Apple's New Market - Ben Thompson#

Why? I didn't want to but I thought I ought to as it occurred to me that the only descriptions of the recent ISIS videos of executions had been through the media. I have a persistent underlying, low level distrust of all media or at least the mediation of sources and evidence. #

Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue - Today's soundtrack#

It is merely a quirk of our evolution that we are able to visualise the dimension of space while being blind to the dimension of time. Is it conceivable that a form of life elsewhere in the universe is able to perceive time but not space or perhaps has evolved to perceive both?#

Guerrilla Public Service - 99% Invisible#

Snapchat has nailed mobile-native video - Quartz.#

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning.#

In search of objects - Benedict Evans.#

Security researcher publishes 10 million usernames and passwords online Oh thanks.#

Classic Reddit - A three year old allegedly comes up with fourth dimension. Okaaaay.#

The web's not dead after all - Mobile first darling and evangelist Flipboard is now available on the web. Why?#

I don't want to own a desktop computer ever again.#

Better Call Saul has not disappointed. Superb writing, great direction and perfect performances. The eponymous lead is such a rich and interesting character I can see longevity in this spin off that might even surpass its progenitor.#

Still trying to figure out the point of Gone Girl. Extraordinarily vacuous and self indulgent. At its core a clueless author seemingly only capable of creating two dimensional characters. #

"The big challenge for artists today is to produce work sufficiently ugly that it cannot possibly be appropriated for advertising." Brian Eno#

A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. Today's soundtrack. I have no idea what's going on but I love it.#

The city of the future is not geographical, but digital #

The challenge of writing from your experience is to make it seem as if you're writing about your readers' experience.#

The last time I posted here people were worrying about Apple. They still are and with ever less reason. #

That's how I would describe Dave Winer in regard to the work he's been doing on the web from Fargo right up to today with the advent of his new Liveblogging tool. His products have a charmingly hand-crafted, rough hewn feel about them. Not unpleasantly ragged around the edges. Products only a mother could love. Minimum viable products. Prototypes awaiting final user-ready development.#

Although we cannot see into the future like we can see visually what lies ahead of us we can decide not to do certain things or go down certain routes.#

Our visual perception has only evolved to see so far. In the best case under the best conditions, as far as the horizon. Beyond that we are as blind to the specifics of what lies ahead in space as we are to what lies ahead in time.#

We do have guides however from people who have travelled to places and times we have not. Space explorers can visit and tell us of lands as yet unknown to us. Time travellers, people older than us, who have travelled futher in time than us can inform of what lies ahead in time.#

Time is as much a dimension as space. Places in space are the same as events in time. In space, to move from one point to another you must pass through all the points on the way to that place (whatever route you take). A direct route must stall pass through all the place on that route.#

So too with time. We pass through all the events on the way to any given event. Like places in space, some events are avoidable, ultimately however there are events which are unavoidable on the way to another event. There are some events in time which we cannot avoid. #

Our existence as this paricular life form in this particular environment determines many, but not all events and places in time and space.#

All movements through time and space are relative to all other movements. Ultimately all matter and energy is in a process of moving through time and space in many and varied forms depending on their position in these two dimensions.#

Concious life can hardly perceive this. The concept is to high, too abstract for us to internalise and make sense of it. It is our fundamental inability to percive the true nature of time and space that limits our endeavours in the advanced sciences.#

On a Quantum level we can predict with good accuracy what will happen but can only know the accuracy of the prediction once Quantum time has grown to match the prediction and, most importantly, we have witnessed it.#

Thinking about Fargo and Radio3. Since they can't be linked I need to decide which one I want to use. I'm leaning towards Radio3 as I am not convinced that a stand-alone blog is as useful to me as using Twitter as my blog.#

For websites that already have audiences, that's fine. I don't. What audience I do have is on Twitter so it's best that third-party links and links to posts I make go direct from Twitter. The other benefit of Radio3 is that it posts directly to Twitter, doesn't.#

The impact of impact on the REF About time#

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