"The big challenge for artists today is to produce work sufficiently ugly that it cannot possibly be appropriated for advertising." Brian Eno#

A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. Today's soundtrack. I have no idea what's going on but I love it.#

The city of the future is not geographical, but digital #

The challenge of writing from your experience is to make it seem as if you're writing about your readers' experience.#

The last time I posted here people were worrying about Apple. They still are and with ever less reason. #

That's how I would describe Dave Winer in regard to the work he's been doing on the web from Fargo right up to today with the advent of his new Liveblogging tool. His products have a charmingly hand-crafted, rough hewn feel about them. Not unpleasantly ragged around the edges. Products only a mother could love. Minimum viable products. Prototypes awaiting final user-ready development.#

Although we cannot see into the future like we can see visually what lies ahead of us we can decide not to do certain things or go down certain routes.#

Our visual perception has only evolved to see so far. In the best case under the best conditions, as far as the horizon. Beyond that we are as blind to the specifics of what lies ahead in space as we are to what lies ahead in time.#

We do have guides however from people who have travelled to places and times we have not. Space explorers can visit and tell us of lands as yet unknown to us. Time travellers, people older than us, who have travelled futher in time than us can inform of what lies ahead in time.#

Time is as much a dimension as space. Places in space are the same as events in time. In space, to move from one point to another you must pass through all the points on the way to that place (whatever route you take). A direct route must stall pass through all the place on that route.#

So too with time. We pass through all the events on the way to any given event. Like places in space, some events are avoidable, ultimately however there are events which are unavoidable on the way to another event. There are some events in time which we cannot avoid. #

Our existence as this paricular life form in this particular environment determines many, but not all events and places in time and space.#

All movements through time and space are relative to all other movements. Ultimately all matter and energy is in a process of moving through time and space in many and varied forms depending on their position in these two dimensions.#

Concious life can hardly perceive this. The concept is to high, too abstract for us to internalise and make sense of it. It is our fundamental inability to percive the true nature of time and space that limits our endeavours in the advanced sciences.#

On a Quantum level we can predict with good accuracy what will happen but can only know the accuracy of the prediction once Quantum time has grown to match the prediction and, most importantly, we have witnessed it.#

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