I see Sky News and Sport are on Snapchat now.#

The thought of AC/DC still touring is depressing. They must still enjoy it. Or need the money.#

The Most Wasteful Economic System Ever Invented? - Forbes.#

Apple's New Market - Ben Thompson#

Why? I didn't want to but I thought I ought to as it occurred to me that the only descriptions of the recent ISIS videos of executions had been through the media. I have a persistent underlying, low level distrust of all media or at least the mediation of sources and evidence. #

Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue - Today's soundtrack#

It is merely a quirk of our evolution that we are able to visualise the dimension of space while being blind to the dimension of time. Is it conceivable that a form of life elsewhere in the universe is able to perceive time but not space or perhaps has evolved to perceive both?#

Guerrilla Public Service - 99% Invisible#

Snapchat has nailed mobile-native video - Quartz.#

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning.#

In search of objects - Benedict Evans.#

Security researcher publishes 10 million usernames and passwords online Oh thanks.#

Classic Reddit - A three year old allegedly comes up with fourth dimension. Okaaaay.#

The web's not dead after all - Mobile first darling and evangelist Flipboard is now available on the web. Why?#

I don't want to own a desktop computer ever again.#

Better Call Saul has not disappointed. Superb writing, great direction and perfect performances. The eponymous lead is such a rich and interesting character I can see longevity in this spin off that might even surpass its progenitor.#

Still trying to figure out the point of Gone Girl. Extraordinarily vacuous and self indulgent. At its core a clueless author seemingly only capable of creating two dimensional characters. #

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