Snapchat Discover, a good example of tailoring form of content to the platform. Flipboard on the web, a good example of trying to squeeze one platform's style into another. And failing. Snapchat Discover content feels right. Flipboard on the web feels wrong.#

It's time to finish Twitter Dave Winer#

Meet the Lutz pod The UK's first driverless 'car'.#

SpaceX photos#

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe Required viewing.# Another Dave Winer product.#

There's an ongoing tension between large, commercial, closed systems which are easy to use and have millions of users and the small, independent, open systems which are hard to use and consequently cannot generate a critical mass of users.#

The Masterful Lighting of Architect David Adjaye #

When was the last time anybody had nothing to do?#

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