Watching Goodfellas - A timeless classic.#

Exponent Episode 035 – Fascinating. Apple's new market - the rest of your life.#

Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple - The New Yorker.#

Mars One mission: 100 hopefuls shortlisted for chance to leave Earth forever - Telegraph.#

I find the observations I am making on how my son uses the internet more intersting and relevant than so-called Silicon Valley visionaries.#

Dave's MyWord! Phil Windley loves it. But how many people can actually use it? There's a significant barrier to entry to much of what Dave Winer is building and that's a shame because it's the inherent user-hostility of some his products that will surely limit the growth they so deserve.#

“So much of our manufactured environment testifies to carelessness” Jony Ive#

The Walkie-Talkie, Fenchurch Street, London.#

Web and email aren't going anywhere, they're failsafes, fall-backs for when proprietary platforms go awry. #

Michael Mann: the crime drama kingpin on murder and malware - I'll always watch a Michael Mann film. Looking forward to Blackhat although reviews have been poor.#

Benedict's Evans' Newsletter: No. 100 - required reading.#

There's talk of Apple working on a car. Inevitable I suppose as they shift from creating comupters that we insert into our lives to consumer products that happen to have computers inside then. These days that is effectievly all products. Perhaps why Mark Newsom has been recruited to take the pressure off Jony Ive in inventing how the future will look and work. Or, as is usual for Apple rumours, not.#

A wonderful lack of normality -

Scientists have found a way to see through opaque material using light - The Verge#

Possible Ann Boleyn portrait found using facial recognition software - The Guardian.#

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