Backed By A16Z, London-Based Money Transfer Startup TransferWise Finally Launches In The U.S TransferWise has served me well and saved me a lot of money over the years.#

Using Fargo and Snapchat in equal measure. The odd couple.#

Modest Mouse Channel Talking Heads for New Track Talking Heads, one of the great, great bands.#

Apple orders 5-6 million Watches for first run Doesn't sound like very many does it?#

Power and corruption, the game - Boing Boing.#

ISIL releases audio of negotiations over pilot's fate - Open Source terrorism anyone?#

Apple's coming music offering will be the least interesting thing they do this year.#

Why Samsung Design Stinks - Self explanatory.#

Microsoft Office for iOS now supports iCloud storage - The times they are a changin'. Fast. This would have been inconceivable a year ago.#

Bertrand Russell on Immortality, Why Religion Exists, and What “The Good Life” Really Means.#

Are we ready for companies that run themselves? - David Morris, Aeon.#

Belonging -

St Pancras Station#

Mars One mission: 5 Britons shortlisted for one-way trip to Red Planet - Telegraph. Wow. Incredible to see people offering themselves up.#

Mysterious Martian haze baffles planetary scientists - LA Times.#

Writing lists to make sense of the world. The Lisicle taps into this fundamental system for organising the world. In some sense the list is a more simplified and elemental version of story or narrative. Broadly speaking story is something we read, listen or have presented to us. Lists are structure we create for ourselves.#

Woz says the Apple Watch is art and millions will buy it - CNET.#

Noise pollution is making us oblivious to the sound of nature - The Guardian.#

With Apple dominant for the forseeable future, it's interesting to consider who will disrupt them and how. Probably themselves.#

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