When it comes to News I don't want stories. I want facts and context. Then a range of opinion. Narratives come later.#

There are few things more stomach-churning than when newspapers start lecturing us and taking the moral high ground.#

They love to portray themselves as objective defenders of free speech but never forget the fact they are corporate entities driven to turn a profit by selling their readers' eyeballs to the highest bidders. #

My Own Life - Oliver Sacks. Wonderful. Utterly wonderful.#

How the web went from idea to reality - Sir Tim Berners-Lee.#

Early recordings of Jimi Hendrix as session guitarist to be released next month.#


The Magic Whip - Blur announce new album, the first for 12 years, out on April 27th with video for single Go Out.#

Further to today's story regarding app automation service IF (ne IFTTT) what does it say about the productivity tools that I use that none of them can be automated :blush:#


IFTTT Launches DO x 3 Workflow automation service IFTTT has unbundled itelf into four Apps. IF, Do Note, Do Button and Do Camera in an attempt to differentiate itself from the more sophisticated and 'Pro' App Workflow. #

Google to launch YouTube subscription service without ads.#

The 'prettification' of lists undermines their fundamental strength.#

"Young people need three things from a news source: content must be mobile–friendly, social (ie sharable, peer–to–peer, user–generated), and presented in an engaging, accessible manner..." - Snapchat, a serious platform for news?#

Pinterest said to be pursuing new funding for $11B valuation - CNET.#

Alien 5 - Neill Blomkamp sequel officially greenlit.#

The Right Kind of Friction - I think the fundamentals underlying this is why I use Fargo, because it's a pain in the arse to use!#

Snapchat gets more musical with update adding audio to people's snaps.#

Samsung Wants To Build LoopPay Into Devices, And To Build A Holistic Mobile Wallet - Good luck with that.#

How Apple Reinvented Premium - The watch will dominate so many narratives across many sectors this year.#

Defining necessity is harder than it sounds.#

There Is No App - An old piece but a prescient one. I believe Apps will morph and and change possibly even disappear over time.#

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